10 things guys say: What you think they mean vs. what they really mean

The language of guys is an ancient, undated text of epic proportions. It is rarely understood by women and when we happen to get a grasp of it, it is usually misunderstood and misinterpreted. In all seriousness, girls have a tendency to interpret guy language the way girls would interpret girl talk. While girls have a million underlying meanings and sub-context to every word in a sentence, guys meanings are a little more easily understood.


When you’re talking to a guy and trying to interpret what he’s really trying to say, don’t. Most of the time, guy’s actions speak much louder than their words. A lot of the time, you’re better suited to figure out what they’re trying to say by looking at their body language instead of the words coming out of their mouth. If his eyes aren’t focused on you, he’s either nervous, uncomfortable or uninterested. But, remember that if he’s not being direct with you, it could just be because guys aren’t usually very direct in what they say or do. When you have a boyfriend, many of the things he says may make you mad because you think he’s being malicious or just doesn’t care. However, this is not usually the case and I suggest giving your guy a little bit more credit: they don’t have that much of an ability to subtext you 🙂

  • “I dont care.” When I say I don’t care to my boyfriend, it usually means I care an insane amount and it’s eating me away right now but I don’t want to let you know that or I want you to figure out that I care in your own way. When guys say they don’t care, it simply means that out of the options you’ve given them, they have no preference. Put in short, that they simply don’t care. This may surprise you, but in my experience, guys really don’t have an opinion on much. At least, the guys I’ve been around don’t.
  • “I think porn is actually really funny and not that sexy at all.” Yeah, right. Here’s one of those times that guys actually don’t mean what they’re saying to you. I don’t care what reason or excuse he gives you as to why he doesn’t like it, he does, I promise! It’s natural and you shouldn’t be bothered by it. Feel free to call him out and watch him squirm. Hehe.
  • “I like you best when you don’t wear makeup.” I think you’re beautiful no matter what, but when you wear makeup, the face paint gets all over my pillows and jackets and I honestly can’t take it anymore. So please stop wearing it.
  • “I don’t want a relationship right now.” What he’s really trying to tell you when he tells you this is this: “I really just want to see if you’ll still have sex with me tonight even if I only text you at 2am to come over.” This is usually never a good sign.
  • “I really love it when you come to the gym with me.” Either he loves showing you off at the gym to his buddies or he actually really wants you to come to the gym. Have you been being super lazy lately binge-watching House of Cards and Scandal? This may be your guy’s attempt at a nice hint.


  • “I like you alot.” This means that he likes you enough to hang out with you on a regular basis, but he’s not ready to change like to love. He still wants you to know he’s cares about you and wants to continue having sex with you, without having all of the commitment stuff that comes with it.
  • “I’m fine.” When I say this, it means I am the literal opposite of fine. My anger is most likely boiling up inside me like a tea kettle. I will be subtweeting you later on about why I am not fine. However, when guys say this, they are most likely…fine. Emotions-wise, when guys are “fine” and “not fine,” they’ll usually just come out and tell you.
  • “Let’s watch a movie at my place.” *ALERT ALERT* Number one guy line for wanting to have sex with you. It gets you to their place and in a dark room. Take note. If I’m on my period or don’t like the guy, I’ll straight up tell them I don’t want to have sex with them. Boom.


  • “I think we should go on a break.” Guys get super uncomfortable and awkward whilst breaking up with a girl. That’s why the line ‘going on a break’ is most commonly used to do it. I wouldn’t expect this break to end anytime soon, if I were you.

“That’s not what I meant!” Basically, you can take this to mean that he said something too honest or blunt and he is now taking it back because you have now blown what he’s said out of proportion. Oh, boys. Can’t live with em can’t live without them.


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