What’s old becomes new again

So today was an off day for me so I took that chance to re-do the desk/hutch I’ve had since I was 10. I’m in the process of starting my own business and I still do a lot of writing on the side for a beauty magazine so I really wanted a place where I could sit down and do it all, kind of organize my thoughts and eventually store company info in there.  I didn’t take a picture of it before I took the top (hutch) off of it but you can imagine what it looked like. It was huge and made my room feel so small, especially since I have a king sized bed and a ton of other furniture currently in there.


So, once I unscrewed the hutch and managed to sortof-sucessfully drag it into another room for someone to carry downstairs, I got to work on sanding the entire thing. Once that was done, I unscrewed all of the knobs and started re-painting all of the white. Come to find out it wasn’t really white at all, more of an off-white but I like it so much better in the Pure White I used. I painted what was the wood stained part a very light mint color, which is the color of the dresser I painted last year. I didn’t want to paint the whole thing mint because I thought it would be a little too much of one color. It took about 3 coats of both colors just because I like for coats to be really thick so nothing will chip! Then, here’s the secret to how I make all of the furniture I repaint look good: I modge-podged the entire thing in a matte sealant. It dries really fast and I love the way it feels after. This way, it’s gonna last longer before I have to retouch it. I went to Home Depot and chose these really cool antique brass handles for the side drawers and antique brass compass-looking knobs for the front drawer. They’re similar to the knobs I used for my dresser in that all of the knobs are antique brass, but my dresser knobs are a braided-celtic looking thing. (awesome description, right? lol).



I went over to Office Max after that and picked up a huge whiteboard/magnet holder thing on sale from $60 to $15. I’m obsessed with writing on whiteboards I don’t know why I just am so I’m sure this will cause me much fun. I also got some pretty sticky notes and some other office stuff I couldn’t resist.


As for what’s on my desk right now, I thought I’d go through and talk about it. I’m sure this is all gonna change and everything gonna become a cluster, but for right now it’s neat. In these pictures I didn’t have my laptop sitting there, but that’s usually where it’s going to be. In the left-hand corner is my grandmother’s old sketchbook of dogs. I love it and I just think it’s the prettiest decoration. Then, there’s my owl bank (all pennies). I have a cute pic of me and the parentals next door and then a picture of my LOVE BUG Moe Archer. In the box in the middle is some random office stuff (tape, hole puncher, ect). Then I have two containers with pencils and the like.

IMG_3395My two notebooks I just love. I get new notebooks like every month because I fill them up so fast. I write everything down in them. Literally everything. The blue one that says “News Feed” is primarily for work and I use the brown one for writing and blogging and literally just every idea that comes into my head.

IMG_3400The chair I’m using for my desk was in my grandparent’s house. They had a lot of really nice antique stuff and I believe this chair was in one of the grandchildren’s bedrooms. I just think it’s the most beautiful thing and I love it so much.


As you can see, I don’t really have a certain style that I go by. I just kindof like what I like. Almost all of the furniture in my room I redid myself. My dresser, makeup table, headboard and now desk. I may post my room in sections on here as I get it finished.



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