College will not get you your dream job

graduation-dogMoving into the dorms freshman year of college, I thought I was on top of the world. My parents weren’t around to tell me not to do things! I could eat what I want, do what I want, sleep when I wanted to…and a whole bunch of other stuff that I wanted to do without being under their noses. It was basically heaven. I had an allowance I got every week that supported my basic needs, my meals were covered by my student loans and the ‘real world’ seemed like a blip in the future.

When I started school, I wanted to be a sports lawyer. It seemed like one of the most lucrative jobs you could have and also one that had awesome perks. Work for pro football players and make a ton of money? Sounds good to me. A few months after starting school I realized this was an unrealistic dream. Sports lawyers are few and far between and most of the time these lawyers were already prominent in the law community or had a ton of money before getting into sports.

Next option: Political Science. Pre-law. I love Political Science, don’t get me wrong. But nothing I studied in college would have prepared me for law school. There was no pre-law major offered at my school and for Political Science, you had to take a certain number of classes in different sectors of the major. So, I took things like industrializing nations and terrorism. None of which would help me in my impending doom aka law school.

I realized this a little too late and as senior year approached, I not only realized I was completely and totally unprepared to take the LSAT, I also didn’t really want to go to law school. I began to care more about my own happiness and sanity rather than making money. While my best friend was studying her life away for the LSAT, I began to make contingency plans. I’d take a year off, go back to graduate school for something like International Relations (which I truly enjoyed) and figure out where I wanted to go from there.

Graduation came around and VOILA! A piece of paper was handed to me that had the magic words of release on it. That’s it! I did it!!! Now, where are all those job offers? Believe it or not, job opportunities will not fall on your face at the drop of a dime because you graduated college. I don’t care what major you are: whether it is the supposedly most employable one (business) or something like Philosophy. No. No piece of paper will get you anywhere. You have got to start getting out there and doing stuff.

There is no magic graduation fairy that will sweep down and do the work for you. You will have to spend countless hours sending out your resume and getting no reply back. You will have to spend the time working for what you want. You cannot do what you did in school where you had a test the next day and winged the whole thing. If you wing an interview and show up hungover and in bad clothes, chances are they’ll quickly show you out the door.

College will not get you their dream job. YOU will get your dream job. You have the capabilities, you just have to put them to good use. Your degree is not the all-powering decision factor in if you will get a job, YOU are the decision factor. Market yourself into whatever you want to be. Use your strengths to show what you’re good for.

You will get your dream job. But no one and nothing else will help you with that.


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