Why do authors force happy endings on their stories?

So this is basically going to be a rant about something that bothers me in my every-day life. Well, I mean it doesn’t really bother me to the extent that I’m up all night thinking about it…but when the moment is right and I’m thinking deep thoughts, this is one problem that sincerely irks me. I am an avid book reader…I have currently read 6 books in the past 2 weeks. I enjoy all types of book: fiction, non-fiction, young adult (especially this one), biographies, how-to books, positive thinking…ect. ect. During the summer, I try and read the top-selling books from the past couple months that I haven’t had the chance to catch up on.

For your references, the most recent books I’ve read have been:
-If I stay By: Gayle Foreman
-Champion By: Marie Lu
-Reached By: Ally Condie-Requiem By: Lauren Oliver

All four of these books I’ve had a serious problem with all of the endings. In all four of these books, there is obviously a love interest with a girl and a boy. Also, side note, in all four books, there is a girl heroine, which I don’t mind at all and seems to be the new norms for movies and books lately. (See: Hunger Games, Divergent, 50 Shades of Grey [lol jk]) Requiem, in particular, which is the last book in the Delierium series by Lauren Oliver, ended in a way that literally made me throw the book across the room. **SPOILER ALERT** The main character, Lena, has been faced with the issue through all 3 books over deciding between two boys, Alex (her first love aka basically Gale from the Hunger Games) and Julian (New, more sensitive love aka Peeta). At the end of the book, the climax comes where the city is fighting basically the outsiders and Lena doesn’t know whether Julian is alive or not. Alex is there and he basically says that whatever happens, happens with them and it doesn’t really alude to much. Then, Lena sees Julian alive and the story basically ends just like that. You never find out who Lena chooses or whether she decides to say fuck it and go full lesbian.
I mean seriously. Put us through 3 whole books…make everyone spend like $50 bucks on the trilogy and don’t even give us an Afterwards? booooooooo Lauren Oliver, booooo.
Same goes for the other books that I listed. All the authors either end really abruptly without anyone really knowing whats going to happen or they end it the way everyone knew it was going to end…with the girl ending up with the guy she really loves and they go dance off in the sunset together.

This is something I would expect from Nicholas Sparks, not from these hard-core, awesome writers.
I want to give a special shout-out to my favorite book of the year, if not all time: Alliegent by Veronica Roth.
What. Fucking. Balls.

You gotta have some serious ones to do what she did. Now that is how all authors should be. People, well people like me, don’t read hundreds of books to read the same shit over and over again. I want to read something that brings out EMOTIONS….like ANGER and DEVASTATION. Because that’s what books are for, right? To take you away to a different place and make you feel somethng other than what you feel in your day to day routine.

I feel like authors are kind of forced by either the publishing companies or their brains into giving their audience happy endings because they feel that if they don’t their gonna get a lot of backlash or something.
Did you know that J.K Rowling actually wanted Harry and Hermione to be together??? UGHHH. What a waste of genes to put her and Ron together, right? Especially after seeing Ron in his 40’s…..ugh.
I think that authors should realize that no matter how much people want two characters to be together in the end and live happily ever after, people also want shock and awe. They don’t want to close a book and think “Aww. that was cute.” They want to close it and think “HOOLLLYY SHITTT.”

So maybe more authors should go with their gut and grow a pair and figure out how the book would really end, if it were happening in real life and not in a make-believe world where everyone rides off in the sunset.



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